The Transatlantic Race 2011 is being tracked with Yellowbrick Trackers.

Each boat is supplied with a beacon from Yellowbrick, a self contained unit that transmits the position of the boat at regular intervals using GPS and Iridium (a global satellite phone network).

Synchronised position reports are available to the public by using the Race Player Application.

Important notice on Fleet Tracking

Sometimes, due to various technical reasons or due to local conditions, a boat's tracker cannot report. The boat will remain in the rankings list with it's position calculated from the last report received.

The non-transmission of a position report should not cause concern; it is not a sign of distress!

Boats competing in the Transatlantic Race are equipped with various types of communications equipment which can be used to request assistance.

Most boats also have an EPIRB (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon) which reports the boats identity and location to the Search and Rescue Authorities if activated in case of emergency.

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