DAY 9 - from Rabbit to Tortoise

Fogs back. Those first days out were glorious with views to the horizon and whales, dolphins, birds and even the occasional seal/ sea lion rearing its head. The Fog though truly is the least of our worries. Yesterday had two significant highlights for us, 405NM in 24 hours, a new record for us, the weather and the sea state definitely in our favour, and then lifting the crown from Phaedo.

This morning the wind as fallen to 9 kts and we are clawing 5.9 kts boat speed out of it, so today it would be no surprise if we must give back to Phaedo that which they have admirably this whole race to keep from us. Light air is not our forte. Robbie Doyle sits on our watch and is sure we will see more. Looking on the water, we can see a bit of a puff to windward and ahead.

Some dolphins came by our bow this morning to pay their respects and let us know we just were not going fast enough for them. They did not stay long.

To all our fellow competitors out there in the light stuff, wishing you a not too frustrating and boring day and here’s to a bit of puff eh!


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