11 July 2011

Todays google quote is by Aristotle: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Well Mr Aristotle, how long will it take for the tree to fruit! We have set a new record in the last 24 hours again. We went backwards. Yip, backwards. No wind, no waves. Only ocean current to toy with us as a cat with a ball of string. Ha ha.

That said, senses of humour still prevail and with daily chores done there is plenty to keep us entertained.

The 2200 - 0200 watch, the ones who watched in dismay as the tide took us, had a bit of bother on their shift. At 20NM they spotted a BIG deep sea fishing boat making a collision course with us. We’re stationery remember, no way = no rudder. At 14NM the radio calls started, but they would not respond. “Do we start the engines?” Fortune favoured us and while they did not answer our calls, they did adjust course to pass our bow 0.9NM doing 14 kts.

The 0200 - 0600 watch got to a rather spectacular display from some whales breaching I am told. A grainy whales tail as evidence. We’ve seen whales a plenty out here, but none putting on any performance until now. Lucky buggers.

It was such a fun race when we were still sparring on the water with Phaedo ,but they have shown their colours in these conditions. Nice work guys.




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