Anticipation is high as we close within 200nm of the finish. We've been
isolated from the rest of the world for almost three weeks. While it's
been a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we're
all looking forward to seeing friends and family soon. We've seen 3
ships today, about the same number we saw during the entire passage so
far. If it's not foggy, which is a big if, we might be able to make out
the lights of Ireland tonight as we pass to the south on our approach to
the Lizard.

We've had fast reaching conditions for most of the last two days, but
the last twelve hours have been slow as the light air we've expected has
enveloped us yet again. Up till now we've been catching up to the
competition, but running slow at this point could be costly. We're
expecting a good fifteen knots of breeze to fill in later tonight and we
hope that will carry us the rest of the way to the finish.
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