Am Freitag den 17. Juli 2015 haben wir unter Spinnaker um 13:07:23 UTC mit Lizard Point die Ziellinie des Trans Ocean Race 2015 erreicht. In unserem Kielwasser liegen 3.050 sm, die wir mit einem Schnitt von 6,8 sm/h in 18 Tagen, 19 Stunden und 7 Minuten bewältigt

Friday, 0500 UTC, July 17- Aphrodite update. We are now motoring east to Cowes and the Isle of Wight having finished last night at 2035. The 24 hours preceeding our finish was marked by some interesting weather and a final punch by mother nature to our sail inventory.

Since the last update we were proceeding under our 3/4 oz chute and following the route drawn out by Sheila our navigator extraordinaire. We needed to find a band of decent wind to keep our sails full and essentially avoid a developing high pressure area between two lows.

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