As team Grey Power awoke on this rainy Sunday morning, we received an email from our RYS partner Zephyr making potentially libellous accusation of the tidiness of our leader's beard. Legal advisers are currently considering how to respond to their statement :

"Zephyr has today partnered with Grey Power as a two boat team. You probably haven't heard of their skipper(!) who was the first sailor to single handedly circumnavigate the globe non-stop. He has an exceptionally shaggy beard, generates his own thundering wind and is the most crusty of all salty sea-dogs.

On the other hand we might just have to show them the bird as instructed by the Race Committee given that this is a family friendly event!

We might forgive them over the coming weeks if the promise of cold beers on arrival live up to expectations! Good win Zephyr - we hope you have a safe and fast crossing. They started today!

On a more positive note, Saturday was spent taking Grey Power out for a sail to stretch her legs.

We are not sure what these two below were talking about but at least we now have one member of the team with experience of helming the boat. None of the other 4 have! You can also notice who forms part of the workers and who is management by the various positions and hands in pocket.

The race will be the first ocean crossing by David Aisher, erstwhile Commodore of the Royal Ocean Racing Club. Our skipper is wondering whether the club is correctly named in view of the fact that most members appear to go Coastal rather than Ocean racing!

Whilst out sailing, we performed final checks on the medical kit and also performed our sea trials of the newly reconfigured water maker. All good on both fronts.

Our sail was followed by a leisurely afternoon awaiting the arrival of Bernard - our last team member. We welcomed him to 525 Thames Street over a few glasses of wine, a weather forecast review and then headed out for a Thai meal.

This Sunday morning, on instructions from our onshore nutritionist, we decided to skip the american dinner for breakfast and instead had a light breakfast of toast and cheese with copious coffee!

We then proceeded to check the propeller of Grey Power in order to ensure that all was ok underneath the water. Our Indian Navy expert did the honours by trying the very cold water of Newport.

Thanks to Sean Kilbride from the NYYC staff who very kindly lent us his wet suit. Dilip really appreciated this. The good news is all is ok under the water to we returned ashore to put him under a very warm shower. We must say the welcome by all (members and staff) at NYYC is exceptional and we really appreciate it! THANK YOU!

As the team is now complete, we decided to pose for the official team photo outside the NYYC in our pristine Henry Lloyd team shirts. (Thanks go to Henry Lloyd for the great kit!)

We then under the instructions of Andy Green assembled for a Tiffin of the Imperial Poona Yacht Club. The members wore the regulation uniform as evidenced below

We then proceed to the christening of Dolphin, a J22 offered to Sail Newport organised by Robin Wallace. The other Robin was asked to christen Dolphin in front of the assembled crowd.

During an excellent curry lunch at No 10 (NYYC), one of the member very kindly ordered from amazon an Italian coffee maker on express delivery thereby ensuring the team would have access to fresh bean Italian coffee for the crossing. Something we are all delighted with. Next stop - Starbucks for some wonderful blends. Apologies for not capturing your name but you know who you are and we are VERY appreciative of the gesture!

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