A frustrating day at sea today with a big high pressure blocking our path to the ice gate, so progress has been slow. This has allowed all onboard to take a little extra sleep. We are split into 3 watces of 2 people, with lloyd out of the watch system. This means we are on stby

for 4 hours (helping the on watch with manouers cooking cleaning, and for me weather routing, then we move to being on watch for 4 hours, when we are ondeck driving and trimming, and finally we get 4 hours off for sleeping, and repeat. Having lloyd out of the watch systems works well as he is a strong driver, so can jump on the helm at any time and bridge between watches.

Slow progress has allowed us to clean up the boat and allowed a couple of the guys the change to swim the hulls to check them - videos to follow when we get to shore.

Here are a couple of photos of our st.Tropezian and our ginger englishman enjoying the sun, spot who is who

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