It's not often you get to do something this special. The past few days have provided us with some challenging sailing, interesting debates and great laughs.

The winds have finally calmed down enough for us to open up the hatches, hoist all the sails and start the "downwind roll" (those that have sailed Dorade will know what I am talking about). Prior to departing, the previous masters in the Dorade program all said she would "roll" and how right they were! Dorade has a habit of rolling from pole end in the water to boom in the water. I guess we can't complain though, as our current conditions are ideal for this.

Shaun has just given us the latest weather briefing and downloaded all the relevant programs. He's been doing a superb job. Ben did a mast check this morning and all is good. He is someone that I have come to respect a great deal; his knowledge of the boat and his seamanship are things that can be matched by very few.

Zach is fast asleep. He had an epic driving stint last night. I went up on deck to take over for him and it was completely dark out with no moon, making the water and horizon blend into one. The phosphorescence was the only light, streaming off the stern of the boat.

Dolphins were diving around the bow and playing along side. They were like lighting flashes under the surface of the water, with the phosphorescence trail giving their position away. The occasional chirp would let us know that a bird was flying across the bow. It was truly a lovely evening sail, I had to pinch myself to believe that the setting was real. I took over for Zach and was happy to let Terry and Dave sleep in, as I was enjoying the tranquil setting.

As I type this note, the sun is out and the wind is blowing between 16 and 18 knots. Terry and Dave are on deck sharing sailing stories (Dave listening to the ever-positive wise old man, smiling).

Matt has given his thumbs of approval and words of encouragement. We have 900 or so miles to go with a few more weather challenges. We need to stay in our current placing, and make the most of these ideal conditions.

In a few days, we will be in the UK and this amazing trip will come to an end. We all feel privileged to be part of this project. Thanks to Matt and Pam Brooks for making this happen. May the legend of Dorade live on!!!!!

Now it's time for me to get some sleep.

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