Good morning my lovely sofa sailors, I am back at the keyboard as we rock and roll ourselves along to the finish line at the Lizard. The last 48 hours have been a mixed bag of sailing conditions and along with that emotions. Let me take you back to the morning of 8th July.

A sunny blue sky morning with a rock and roll in the waves. Everyone was well rested. The 8th is a memorial date for me as 4 years ago I said good bye to Mum at her funeral. This year I marked this date by scattering some of her ashes into the Atlantic. Mum loved adventures, travelling and doing something new. Whilst she wasn't a sailor herself she was a great supporter of my sailing and I knew she would appreciate being here with us. She has been our guardian angel of that I am sure.

As the day progressed as did the weather and the wind. It built up and we were barrelling along with the A3 up well into the night. This came down abruptly and up went the A7. This is a smaller kite which has the habit of slapping and snapping and she runs in a fine groove. Matt's chat to the kite is too expletive to write.

As the 9th dawned as did the sunshine, an air of calmness and sleep. Sleep is like gold dust to some who find it hard to nap in the continuous knocking and slamming of the sea on the boat. Others (Carlo and Ross) are out for the count in all conditions!!

Yesterday we saw whales, the tip of a shark fin - verified by Matt, Kirsty and Lisa, a little turtle and the newest night time addition of torpedo dolphins. The dolphins are lit up by the phosphorescent and you can follow their line through the water. They play with the bow of the boat and come storming in on either side, bounce of the bow, sharp U turn and start again. Its pretty spectacular to see. The bow wave looks like a white moustache with glowing lumps of green and when the drivers get a surf on the waves off the side of the boat is mesmerising, white, green and bright.

A couple of us now have new roles on the boat. Alex has become IT support as the computer insists on downloading additional files and eating precious data. Secondly the Inmarsat system didn't want to work yesterday. This system gives us our weather. Alex and Pedro worked out a fix using an array of Pedros gadgets and iridium phone.

My new role is masseuse. The drivers are getting achy and their bodies are sore. Deep heat and ibuprofen isn't cutting it anymore. The newest treatment is olive oil, lavender oil and my elbows. The massage table is the floor of living area. So far so good. Only three days left and we need these boys functioning and on fire.

Another moment of happiness was when Lisa discovered another four bags of muesli. Breakfastgate has been diverted. Food is still a favourite topic and we are now discussing what we want to eat when we get back to Cowes. The food varies from half a raw cow, to broccoli, to cold sparkling water and a double espresso. The fact remains we are looking forward to fresh food and cold drinks.

The beard growing competition is going well.

Steph - Simon has been voted, by Lisa and myself, as having the most distinguished beard. Its looks great.

Alex's beard is slowly filling in its gaps, Arians is bright red, Matt looks like a grizzly bear, Carlo's is salt and pepper and we are a little unsure what is happening with Pedros. Mr M shaves every other day which I am most impressed by.

A few shout outs: Jude - Lisa has seen a whale, a shark and a glow in the dark dolphin Polly - no mermaids, will a glow in the dark dolphin do? Nomes - Lisa actually declared she didn't like her starbucks cold coffee and has given the final one away!! Please bring cadburys dairy milk chocolate. Christian and Joshua Lopes - 'I am racing hard to Cowes and I am racing fast to get home to you both, Love Dad' Lara - when looking at holidays please choose one that has water up to Alex's knees, is somewhere warm and cold beer is available along with a bed that doesn't move.

ETA to the finish is early Monday morning, ETA to Cowes late Monday night, early Tuesday morning. We just have some rocky rolly waves and windy weather to ride out today - oh joy!!

Love and hugs to you all

Kirsty and Team SO

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