Last night was surreal. Once again we headed into fast winds which proved faster than advertised. With 3 reefs in our mainsail, and staysail up, we clocked winds up to 42.8 mph in a harrowing trip to the north of the course.

As our A5 was blown out on day 2, we decide

d to just "go for it" with an outlier course. Thank god we didn't wipe out. Absolutely crazy ambience, with water flying everywhere in the dark. Felt like "The Blair Witch Project Goes Sailing" to me. Rob puts on a good face, but even he knew it was a bit sketchy...I think.

Anyhow, I hit a big wave and literally went flying from my driver's seat to the driver's seat on the other side of the boat (12 feet away) with a dull thunk. Rob was down below and said he saw a flash of yellow (my MUSTO suit) go by.

Now I sit with a bruised rib cage and lump on the side of my head. SO lucky my face didn't hit the grinder! I was tethered in to the middle jacklines, but almost went overboard anyhow.

Today is a brighter day. Our "northern" strategy includes 15 hours of kite sailing and so we are poised to hit 300 miles today, if lucky.

We'll see if it's enough to put us back in the game with our other double handed competitor, Dragon Ocean Racing .

We've learned AMHAS broke the winch attached sideways to their mast and will arrive in the Azores shortly. We've heard two other boats have also retired to the Azores - once you're in the middle of the North Atlantic there's no place else to go!

Lastly, just want to say Congrats to my teammates, SHOUT RACING, for their stellar finish (2nd across the line) in the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race ! #tr2015



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