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Shearwater has a crew of 6 so there is a lot of multi-tasking. During this race, the crew has been treated to some of the best meals they've had on-or off-shore. Here, we thought we'd email select sections from an exclusive interview we conducted with the Heroic Chef Co-Captain (HCC-C) regarding the superb cuisine that he creates daily:

ME: Many of your meals are created while underway, even under heavy seas and racing conditions. What is your greatest challenge in cooking underway?

HCC-C: Picking the food off the cabin sole, bulkheads & ceiling, then serving before the crew notices.

ME: What is the dish you are most proud to have served?

HCC-C: Pulled pork over Polenta - I thought the seasonings tied together beautifully to give the subtle American Southwestern flavors that are so nice on an off shore race.

ME: Your blueberry buttermilk pancakes are famous. We've noticed the flavor has changed subtly during this trip - what's your secret?

HCC-C: Carefully aging of the blueberries. They start young, fresh and crisp. Then, as with all things, they mature, shrink, wrinkle, take on a distinct color palette - the flavors change accordingly - delicious!

ME: Not all dishes come out as planned, can you name an instance where this was the case on Shearwater?

HCC-C: Well, the cornbread I made at the height of Friday's storm did not rise as I'd hoped. On the other hand, it turned out very handy in driving the boom pivot pin back into place Saturday morning.

ME: Your nightly wine pairings are spot on. What are you planning to serve with tonight's hangar steak and roasted potatoes?

HCC-C: Shearwater's wine cellar is well stocked (reds to port, whites to starboard); I think a (wait, what do we have? Oh, here) - a very fine Rhone

Thank you Dan, we appreciate the interview and your cooking skills.

Shearwater out

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