Good morning to you all. Normal service has now resumed on the blogging front!

We are now well within our at sea routine with watches and sleep being punctuated by sail changes, meals and happy hours. The good news is that we still have plenty of fresh lime on board so the risks to our health are low. We also have plenty of food (some of which is still fresh believe it or not despite the absence of any fridge) and hence morale and banter are high (in case you hadn't noticed from our previous two blogs!!)

For those of you wondering about our apparent errant course, this is due to the lack of spinnaker on board. We are unable to sail straight downwind as most racing yachts do and hence we are having to play the angles using either our light air or heavier air gennakers. The wind is not helping us in the remaining 366 miles to the finish but as ever with team Grey Power, we will persevere and use both our wit and charm with the gods of the wind to carry us to the finish line as soon as possible.

We had hoped to finish the Transatlantic part of race Sunday lunchtime but this is likely to change depending on your progress today. Whatever the outcome, we hope to be sampling a cold beer, a thick steak and a warm shower sometime Monday! That's the aim and there is already much talk about our menu options despite the agreed baseline menu!

Well that's it for now, time for another weather forecast and then some ZZZ. More this evening.

Have a great day and well done to Lucky for line honours. Great race!

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