They told me I must put a few thoughts for the blog together or not come to the Cowes crew party even though I help pay for it-tough love Prospector style.  I’m the oldest crew and that along with what seems to be the deepest off-shore/distance racing experience (except for Henry, Tery and Quinn) grants me the Watch Captain title along with Paul. 

I have owned many race boats over the years and most recently I have raced my beloved Swan 42 Barleycorn to some success over the past 7 years with IRC Class wins in the Bermuda Race (twice), the Block Island Race and the Vineyard Race (twice).  We also won the 2010 NYYC Swan 42 East Coast One Design Championship. Our TR2015 adventure has been a dream and I’m delighted to have been invited-who wouldn’t want a 400 mile day and long 23 knot surfs in the pitch-black night with really big seas.

One unexpected element that Paul and I have discussed is the extreme stress we encounter daily that is the product of the big breezes and big seas in a high performance boat. It may occur in a maneuver gone wrong or in extremely dicey driving conditions.  For Paul and I this is a hobby and maybe our reaction is understandable and surely with more experience we will feel differently but that makes the cool competence of Tery (and sailmaker Henry) and his boys stand out as they deal with these events.

Unbelievable race (and conditions), great boat, great crew, great leadership and Larry’s vision have led to something special.  Can’t wait to finish tomorrow and can’t wait to see my beautiful wife, Bettina in Cowes on Thursday.

Respectfully submitted-Brendan Brownyard, Watch Capt.

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