Good morning my sofa sailors

Its 1.15am Sunday morning and its dark, its really really dark. There is no moonlight or stars. Ross and Matt are driving the boat by their senses and years of experience. We are using the force to manage the boat. We have the A7 up which is a small robust kite. She is powering us along at an average of 10.8kts.

We have under 190miles left to go to to..........

Ok I got slightly interrupted and it is now 9am. We have got through a hard dark night. The visibility was zero as there were clouds and no moonlight or stars. The sea state was a challenge too as it would throw a 'arse slapper' at us every 5 minutes or so. The drivers were on high alert and really really focused.

Having spoken to various people on the crew about last night you realise that everyone is tired, everyone made a decision to step up and that you have to trust each other. For those who were holding the sheet knowing that you could spin out the boat with a mistimed ease or trim was a little unnerving. It was easier to find the groove and then leave the kite and not trim too much.

To quote Ross 'it was like driving with a bag over your head! The guys worked really hard'

The reason for all this hard work was to put miles between ourselves and Carina. It is still a close battle between our two boats and we give Carina time. I believe we have to give them just over 5hours ie we have to finish this number of hours ahead of them.

Being brutally honest I hated last night. I felt like I was on a long rollercoaster ride that I couldn't choose to get off. The adrenaline was pumping up and down like a yoyo. Never a good state of affairs.

This morning has come around and things are calmer. Both Ross and Matt are catching up with their sleep, porridge has been consumed, there is visibility and the windy is around 18kts.

Visit Brussels, a class 40 has past us to starboard. It was quite odd seeing another boat after all this time.

We have just seen the current results and we are lying 6th overall in IRC. The big boats are coming in fast. Looks like we will be in good company coming over the finishing line and coming into the solent. I say company but we will be eating their dust.

The final 100 miles to go............

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