Just under 350 miles to go. We finally figured out our speed problem, but it may be too late. A large piece of heavy duty plastic as well as some other junk was wrapped around the keel. I should have known, but it takes a lot to back the boat down. We have to douse the spinnaker and secure it to the deck, point the boat into the wind, sail backwards for a bit and then get going in the right direction again and then put the spinnaker back up. We should have done it when we noticed the speed difference, anyway, it's out and the speed is back, but we have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully, there will be a park up before the finish and we will have a shot at catching Dragon.

While I was on watch I noticed that I stink. I mean really smell awful. If you have been offshore, you know what I'm talking about. If you have met someone on the dock after a long passage, you know what I mean as well. If you haven't, let me put it in perspective for you. Close your eyes and think about this. You put on your work out clothes and a jogging suit. You run to the gym in the rain, work out for 3 hours and then run home. Then take a nap in the same clothes. You then wake up and take your dog to the beach. He shakes off after being in the water and soaks you. Run home in the rain. Take another nap and then run back to the gym. Work out for 3 hours, eat a candy bar and drink a monster energy drink. Run home, no rain this time. Send a few emails, clean the kitchen and the bathroom and then take a 3 hour nap. All in the same clothes. How do you think you smell? I haven't changed my outfit in 5 days so you get the picture.

The boat smells pretty much the same as Mike and I. Mike is a little bit nicer smelling than me. It's the cigarettes that make it really bad. You know when you go to someone's house with a litter box and they can't smell it, but everyone else does? It's like that. 11 days in a really small space. Febreeze only goes so far.

Anyway, gotta get back to it if we have any chance of catching Dragon. Have a shower for me.


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