We had to withdraw from the coastal race because of a big tear in the main.  We are all grateful it held till after we finished the TR.

We are motoring on to Cowes.  We should get there around 6:30pm local.

Here is a post about the amazing Prospector.



In spite of being becalmed for nearly two days early in the race, the MOD 70 trimaran Phaedo3 owned by owner/driver Lloyd Thornburg has crossed the finish line off the southwest coast of England to record the fastest elapsed time (unofficial) in the 2,800 mile Transatlantic Race. Thornburg, co-skipper Brian Thompson, and the rest of the crew’s elapsed time of  7 days, 2 hours, 4 minutes, 9 seconds was well ahead of the other fast boats that started in Newport, Rhode Island last Sunday including Jim Clark’s 100-foot sled Comanche, George David’s Rambler 88, and Peter Aschenbrenner’s 63-foot trimaran Paradox. And since Phaedo3 was able to average speeds in the high 20’s once the wind filled in, they’re the 7th boat to finish overall and they came in well ahead the majority of the fleet that started a week before they did.

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