Unser zweiter Etmal (29.06.-30.06.15 jeweils 6 UTC) liegt bei 120 sm. Der gestrige Segeltag stellte uns bei Schwachwind und leichten Briste erneut auf die Geduldsporbe. Unter Leichtwind-Spi segeln wir die Flautenfelder aus. Am Abend müssen wir vorübergehend das Großssegel

Hello my sofa sailors how are you all today?

Kirsty here writing from the sauna, I mean the nav station or is it Ross' playstation? We continue to sail in the gulf stream where the temperatures and sunshine is surpassing what any of us thought it would be. At one point tod ay the temperature below deck was 32 degrees. The british politeness is out and most of us are sleeping in shorts or boxers (that's the boys). The forward heads is a steam room thankfully still smelling good. You open the door and the wet heat hits you. Trying to have a wet wipe wash seems pointless.

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