Fourteen hours until the start and I will be crossing the pond again! Brigand is meticulously loaded with new sails, homemade frozen meals for 16 days plus reserves MRE’s, the crew of twelve enjoyed a good Italian meal as the last shore side supper. All systems are go! Only things left are to say farewell and set course to the Isle of Wright.

The eclectic crew of seasoned sailors will venture to the sea. Seth our PHD meteorologist is studying the final weather maps, our chief navigator, Janet has loaded the great circle way points, our skipper has tested the water maker and hydro generator, UK Sailmakers has deliver the last of the sails; a 2.2 Oz Asym. Spinnaker capable of 35+ knots.

Skipper Sean is looking relaxed with a great tan from weeks of on deck preparation of Brigand, a Custom 50 with the addition of a five foot Prod on the bow. She sits very well on her design lines with much additional weight of gear and sails. The winter work of moving fuel tanks and water tanks aft for the sleigh ride down wind to Cowes, England is apparent.

The full moon is out tonight and the sky is clear. Crew diner had much food and cogent comradery, all to bed early; morning brings our “Happiness at Sea”!

Stay tuned as we take an adventure that few do in this day and age. We all have many family and friends sending messages of God Speed and Fair Winds to their sailors.

Brigand at Goat Island in Newport:

We are good to go! Today was a simple affair - some last minute shopping for fresh stuff, a quick visit to the race office to talk about RRS 52 and then plenty of rest in prior to our departure tomorrow. Laundry was also done so as to ensure we had some clean clean clothes for our arrival at the RYS bar.

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