Fair Winds, Smooth Sailing

At this writing, Shearwater is less than 100 miles to the west of the Azores. We're making for Horta, a port on the SE side of the island of Faial. From here, Shearwater will spend the summer cruising western Europe and coastal Africa before crossing to the Caribbean in late fall.

Aphrodite continues along at a not so fast pace averaging 6.5kts under the few remaining sails available; storm trysail, storm jib and staysail.  Last night in 20 kts of true wind we flew our #2 which was pretty well torn up about 9 days ago and on which Sheila and Sam diligently stitched in major panels around the numerous delaminations.  Despite a hole in the middle of the sail about two feet square, the sail did not disintegrate and gave us another knot of boatspeed over the storm jib, which of course has the very attractive orange sections. 

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