Well, we lost data connectivity several days back so apologies for the lack of posts from Dragon.

It was probably for the best. My creativity only extends so far in coming up with different ways to describe sitting inside of the same low pressure system. Had I been able to pos

t, the messaging would have inevitably gone along the lines of "Day one million of our occupancy in this low pressure system, and we just received a residency tax bill. It is cold, wet, windy, and an ugly wave state. Send a care package."

05:46:29 UTC
Position: 49d54.64'N / 005d12.1'W
Log: 2,890 nm


With skies misting, 20-25 knots of wind, and Comanche blasting through the fog from astern, CARINA and her crew finished the 2015 Transatlantic Race at 05:46 UTC. There was not much fanfare and we could not even see the famous Lizard Lighthouse marking the north end of the finish line due to the conditions. While this finish may have been somewhat anticlimactic the race was most certainly not! About 1 minute after crossing the finish line the 100' maxi Comanche gave us a show passing 50' to leeward of us at 25kts. That was more like the excitement that this race provided!

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