0245 UTZ
July 5
Lat 39 15
Lon 52 45
234 degrees wind direction (true)
TWA is 145
TWS of 18
Seas 1 to 2 foot rollers
Skies clear with a big moon.

I had not checked the tracker when I posted last night. The last time
I looked had been around 2200 UTZ and we had been

Duct Tape

They say if it moves and it shouldn’t – use duct tape. Well I am happy to report, the duct tape has been deployed to another critical item that Henry and I broke last night. The night before as you recall we teamed up to demo the critical A6 kite as we hit warp speed pressing as hard as we could. Just five minutes before the kite disintegrated in spectacular fashion as we screamed along deep into the 20 knot boat speed range, we remarked knowingly to each other “this is the right sail”. Five minutes later as we frantically tried to devise a method to get it down, with the bow wake back by the cockpit and as high as the spreaders, Henry remarked “this is nuts”.

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