Warm waters and sunshine at last

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MAIL. Warmer waters at last... We've been on the wind ever since the start... and the PC says we will be for another 700 miles.... living (and typing) at this level of heel is never easy, but everyone has settled well into it. Last night was wet... a bit over the deck but just rain rain rain... every photo I've seen of the north altlantic and it's endless grey skys were true! That was until about 1 hour ago when the centre of a depression has caught us up but brought sunshine, whales, dolphins, warmth and a tack. Sea temperature went from 14 deg C to 18 deg C in 1 hour... getting near the gulf stream now. I've attached a few photos including Jens tidying up with an assisting dophin, breakfast (bacon & mushroom sandwich), Andy, James & Mark enjoying lunch in their cabin beautifully made by Alice. A jumping whale... sorry missed the close ones as we were changing sails and a overall shot of Pata Negra's cockpit. We've temporaily moved to a 4 on / 6off watch as it's running smooth to max on the sleep. James Trafford has been driving (helming) quite a bit this afternoon. It's his second transactlantic in 12 months, the last being he rowed across with his two sons winning the 3 man category in this annual incredible event. He raised £250k doing this for charity supporting a UK Hospice. He's one of Giles Repath's (owner) friends who as been on Pata Negra before, but inshore, but like me, loves the incredible isolation that offshore racing takes you away from the corporate, or Legal in Jame's case) world that keeps us so busy the rest of the time. Giles couldn't make this race due to family commitments and we're missing him (and his humour)... we'll at least a little bit. ;) Alice is cooking dinner tonight whilst I get 5 hours kip (bliss). Something nice to wake for! A final footnote hot from the deck... we've seen quite a few sunfish hanging around... one had a bad tumour and the guys on deck saw a shark circulating it waiting for its dinner. The other point though was we've seen a huge number of factory fishing vessels here clearly fishing on a massive scale many miles away from sight... reminded me the of the oilrigs of last year. I just hope its sustainable. -- Chris Hanson Pata Negra