Sample personal equipment list provided by a 2015 skipper

Safety Equipment

  • Automatic inflatable life preserver with safety harness and with crotch strap and spray shield
  • Personal strobe light
  • Water resistant flashlight with extra batteries
  • Whistle. In 2015 Race JIV will have personal AIS Transponders.

Personal Equipment

  • Base Layer - 2 Cap 1 and 1 cap 2 long sleeve shirts
    • Mid layer - I will be providing a Gill I5 Crosswind jacket that will have graphics on it and can double as a mid layer. 
  • Capilene watch hat
  • Capilene neck up
  • 3 capilene under shorts
  • 3 pair of capilene socks, may want to include one pair of waterproof socks
  • 1 Cap 1 bottoms
  • 1 pair fleece bottoms similar to Patagonia R3
  • 2 pair capilene Bermuda shorts such as railriders or board shorts.
  • One pair of warm sailing gloves (Look at Progloves Long Finger 7451 and Helmsman Gloves 7801 – everyone got both
  • Knife with lanyard
  • Head lamp - Petzl makes a good LED on that is not bulky (
  • JIV will provide Camping towel - - quick drying and easily wrung out - cotton probably won't make sense on this long of a trip
  • Earplugs/ sleeping eye mask – if you have problems sleeping during the day of when others are snoring
  • Baby wipes
  • Sun hat
  • Foul weather gear:
  • Foul weather boots – most got Dubarry which were well worth the money
  • Sunglasses
  • No jeans or cotton tee shirts
  • Sunshield or sun tan lotion
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Leather boat shoes will not be allowed as they do not have the best traction and are difficult to keep dry
  • Boat sneakers
  • IPod or your favorite MP3 player
  • All clothes should be of the “quick Dry” type that can be hung up forward to dry.
  • Capilene long fleece that will be worn under foul weather gear eliminating need for long pants.
  • Seasick medication
  • Special medications

Will be Provided On Board

  • Shaving cream – everyone except one, grew a beard and never shaved.
  • Toothpaste
  • Baby Powder

1. It will be cool crossing the north Atlantic. The average air temperature will be about 59 degrees and vary from a high of 75 to a low in the high 40’s. Most temperatures will be between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The race will be mostly a down wind race
2. No luggage on board, pack your clothes in a soft bag or duffel bag.
3. All clothes should be marked with your initials.
4. All dirty/wet clothes will go into the port locker in order to keep the boat livable.
5. Clothes for England will be send in the container
6. Remember: Lightness is next to Godliness”
7. Anyone planning to say over in England have a blazer and tie shipped or brought to Bermuda by your significant other.

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